How to Make Money with Blogging in 2024: Guide for Beginners

Make Money with Blogging is the best source to streamline your life, In the present world where people are struggling enough to make money through various means to be successful in life and achieve financial freedom and on the other side Earning money and fulfilling the necessities of life in the current scenario is not easy but do not worry a devoted effort and consistency is the key to open the door of happiness for you and for your family that make your life beautiful.

In this article, we shall learn how to earn money by writing a Blog with attractive and engaging content that people love to read and feel happy about, the more engaging your content the people spend more time on your article and Google also rewards you in ranking.

With the right strategy and dedication blogging passion can be turned into a profitable venture. There are numerous ways where you can monetize blog posts and accomplish financial success in 2024.

1. Selection of Niche:

Niche means a topic or a subject for writing a blog that must be according to the search needs of the internet users and what they want and love to read. The most popular niches in 2024 include technology, health, lifestyle, sustainability, and finance but it does not mean you restrict yourself to a limited number of niches, just think that your blog post will be more engaging for the people whatever the topic. Your whole blog must be to the point according to a niche that attracts the audience.

 2. Unique and Loving Content:

Do you want the online traffic of people to spend more time on your blog post really than it’s time to love your content before the people love it, high-quality content adds value to the readers’ lives. Before writing the blog you must research a lot through numerous means like reading books of famous authors and historical poets sensing their wording and their thoughts, analyzing your way of thinking, and focusing on the words that are easy to read and easy to understand by the people or the people easy memorize your content and give reviews for your recognition and refer your blog to more people.

 3. How to build your online or digital presence:

Well in the earlier paragraph, we talked about loving and engaging content for readers, now we would have to look at some digital techniques to send your writing communication or blog post to several groups of people digitally. But before discussing this further I want to bring to your mind a quick view of historical ways of transmitting the messages that how the people in olden times conveyed their words through horses by covering long distances from one place to another place and presenting them in the shape of small paper, later on, people were using post boxes and put their messages by enclosing the envelopes, through newspapers and using the technology of the telephone great invention by graham bell in the year 1876 after that mobile phone was launched. But now the ways of communication changed, and you can advertise your words and create an online presence using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and other digital ways like email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to promote your blog and attract more visitors.

4. How to Monetize Your Content:

Wow, now we are going to tell you how to generate money from your blog posts in 2024 by using the interesting methods listed below.

Affiliate Marketing with Blogging: This is a great strategy you have a shop of different products, and someone approaches you please display a few of my products at your shop because I don’t have any shop to sell in this way you have a commission over selling or promoting other people’s products.

Further, affiliate marketing is a great tool where you display a portion of content or digital links of others or you can say third-party or partner product promotion through yourself by your decided means either through blogs, YouTube videos, or social media platforms in this way, you will generate passive income by increasing sales and you will get a commission.

Display Advertising: Do you want people to come to your shop to do maximum shopping you extremely wish for that now get ready for automated income support by Google but how? The answer is covered in the above paragraphs if your content is high-quality, eye catchy, and easy to read and people love it then you should go for Google AdSense and get approved for your account by meeting the content policies, behavioral policies, privacy-related policies, Requirements, and other standards. Once your AdSense is approved the number of clicks on the advertisements on your website will be increased and impressions too ultimately will increase your income.

5. Multiple Income Streams:

You are now able to get income from your website but do not stop over here solely with one method of monetization let’s boost your income by diversifying, Collaborate with brands, explore numerous options to generate massive revenue from your blog. Think about several techniques you can apply to your blog that would give you extra or alternative support where one method fluctuated.

 6. Consistency is the key to Success:

If you are new in the blogging field you feel while writing a blog that is very hectic work you will lose your passion at some point in time, these notions will ultimately boost your internal intuition, Stop writing for a while or shut down your laptop and make your mind fresh by taking rest or go for an outing but your passion will constantly pitch in your mind about blogging and monetization. When you come back after the break you will feel the energy in yourself to start writing again with enhanced motivation, In short, if you delved for your blogging passion then be consistent and focused approach.

7. Focus on Search Intent:

Before writing a blog on a specific niche research and observe well of people’s behavior to what you add value for the people by writing the blog, You know in the current era people are mostly depressed or looking for something new, they want joy, happiness, relaxing minds, so write your blog after reading the minds of the people, After reading people’s mind then throw words on your blog which inject in others body and soul. 

8. Invest in Your Skill:

To enhance your blogging skills from time to time you must be updated with current scenarios of the world, Your life is going with turbo speed so stay updated and tailor your content creation skills by getting knowledge, being aware of market trends, attending seminars, workshops, courses, and best practices. That will increase productivity in your blogging career.

9. Track Your Progress:

Regularly monitor your blog’s performance using Google Search Console or other analytics tools, and make strategies accordingly for improvement in weak areas and refine your approach.

10. Regulate your work:

Be aware of your work legitimately do not use abusive content or something like that which will adversely affect your progress, You should be well aware of the regulations and legal requirements and relevant laws to be kept in mind.


Do put all your sincere and devoted efforts with the right approach and mindset and start making money in 2024 with blogging. Polish your skills enough, make strategies, and meet people, engage with your audience, always strive for improvement, One day will see people with a keen interest waiting for your next blog.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Any specific limit for earning money in blogging?

No there is no limit you can earn as much as your skills and efforts work well, this all depends on the selection factors like how you explore different techniques related to niche selection and monetization methods. You can earn millions of dollars also.

2. After how much time we can earn from blogging?

With Consistent effort, you may start earning within a few months, but usually, it takes six months to a year.

3. I do not want to lose my blogging passion but how?

When you have a passion for something to do in any field then surround yourself with a particular company of people who will encourage you at every step of your effort, Be inspired by the authors, read books.

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