8 Places Where to Stay in Amsterdam

8 Places Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is special due to its pretty canals and old buildings. People from all over the world visit and everyone is welcome. You can ride bikes everywhere. Explore museums and try different foods. The city is open-minded has cool events and is known for its unique style and friendly atmosphere.

Choosing the right place to stay is important because a comfy bed makes your trip more enjoyable. Being close to cool places saves time and energy. Staying in the heart of the city lets you experience local life and yummy food. Picking a good place ensures you feel secure and can focus on having fun.


Centrum is the heart of Amsterdam where lots of exciting things happen. It’s right in the middle of the city. Making it easy to reach famous places. You will see beautiful old buildings and canals everywhere. Close to big attractions like Dam Square, the Royal Palace, and Anne Frank House. 

Plenty of shops and restaurants for shopping and delicious meals. Always busy with people, giving a lively and energetic feel. Staying in Centrum means you’re at the centre of the action, making your Amsterdam visit super convenient and full of fun.


Jordaan is like a charming neighbourhood painted with cozy streets and cool spots. Jordaan is Filled with art galleries making it perfect for art lovers. You will find unique boutiques and vintage shops to explore. Offers picturesque canals with lovely bridges and houseboats. 

Vibrant markets like Noordermarkt where you can buy fresh produce and unique finds. Plenty of trendy cafes perfect for relaxing with a coffee or a snack. Staying in Jordaan feels like being in a creative laid-back village within the bustling city. A great choice for those seeking an artsy and relaxed atmosphere.

De Pijp

De Pijp is a lively and diverse neighbourhood, offering a taste of Amsterdam’s vibrant culture. Cultural Diversity: Known for its mix of cultures, providing a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Tourists explore the famous Albert Cuyp Market for tasty treats and local goods. Colourful street art adds a creative touch to the area’s streets.

A hotspot for nightlife with trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants. A green oasis for relaxation, picnics, and enjoying nature in the city. Staying in De Pijp offers a dynamic experience with a blend of cultural richness. Delicious food and a lively nightlife.


Oud-West is a trendy neighbourhood with a mix of modern flair and local charm. Visitors discover stylish cafes and boutiques. Vintage stores around every corner. Oud-vest is close to Vondelpark, a popular green space for walks and picnics. Diverse culinary scene from trendy eateries to authentic local food joints. Home to cultural venues like De Hallen and an industrial-chic complex with shops and a cinema.

Experience the canal-side ambience with charming bridges and historic architecture. Choosing Oud-West means immersing yourself in a hip and happening part of Amsterdam, blending modern trends with the city’s traditional charm.

Nieuwmarkt and Red Light District

Nieuwmarkt and the Red Light District are fascinating areas with a mix of history and entertainment. Tourists explore the historic Nieuwmarkt square, surrounded by charming buildings. Experience a blend of cultures, from Chinese eateries to local pubs. Red Light District is known for its unique nightlife, with bars, clubs, and the famous red-lit windows. Admire the historic architecture, including the Oude Kerk (Old Church).

Enjoy lively street performances and a vibrant atmosphere, especially in the evenings. Staying in Nieuwmarkt the Red Light District provides an intriguing mix of history, diverse cultures, and a lively nightlife scene.

Museum Quarter

Museum Quarter is a cultural haven with world-class art and a touch of luxury. The Museum Quarter is home to prestigious museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Relax in the vast green spaces of the Museumplein, perfect for picnics and leisure. Explore high-end shopping streets, including the famous P.C. Hooftstraat. Experience classical music at the iconic Concertgebouw concert hall.

Indulge in upscale dining at gourmet restaurants and trendy cafes. Choosing the Museum Quarter allows you to immerse yourself in art luxury and a sophisticated atmosphere. Making it ideal for those seeking a refined experience in Amsterdam.


Amstel is a peaceful riverside district offering a serene retreat within the city. Enjoy the picturesque views along the Amstel River, especially during sunset. Walk across iconic bridges like the Magere Brug adding charm to the surroundings. Experience delightful dining at waterside restaurants, offering a relaxed ambience.

Visit historic sites like the Hermitage Amsterdam and Carré Theatre. Explore the city by taking leisurely boat tours along the tranquil Amstel waters. Staying in Amstel provides a tranquil escape, combining the beauty of the river with historical landmarks, making it a peaceful yet captivating part of Amsterdam to experience.


Amsterdam’s oldest zoo Artis is home to various animals and beautiful gardens. Visit the botanical garden, Hortus Botanicus, showcasing a diverse collection of plants. Discover cultural gems like the Tropenmuseum and the Dutch Resistance Museum.

Enjoy a more serene atmosphere with tree-lined streets and peaceful canals. Bordering the Amstel River, providing scenic waterfront views. Staying in Plantage offers a quieter and greener escape. While still providing access to cultural attractions and natural beauty in Amsterdam.


Choosing where to stay in Amsterdam is like picking your favourite colour – it depends on what you like. If you enjoy lively places go for Centrum. If artsy vibes are your thing Jordaan is perfect. De Pijp is for those who love different cultures, while Oud-West is trendy and cool. 

Nieuwmarkt and the Red Light District are historic and buzzing, and the Museum Quarter is classy and cultured. Amstel is calm by the river, and Plantage is a green escape. Just think about what you want to budget, close to fun spots, or maybe a quiet place. Whether you go for a cozy spot in Jordaan or a green getaway in Plantage, Amsterdam has your perfect stay!

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